About Us

Ergenomics was founded in 2008 to deliver enterprise level projects and to provide talent solutions. With Wall Street’s emphasis that organizations institutionalize custom analytical technologies, Ergenomics constructed a versatile, boutique-style resource network of highly skilled professionals and affiliate partners.

Our Vision

Be a leading consulting firm entrusted with delivering our clients enterprise projects and providing talents.

Our Mission

Educate business leaders about internal drivers and major bottom-line economic indicators.

Our Approach

We utilize our clients’ business knowledge and experience, and assist executives in identifying relevant information to make the best possible enterprise decisions. Our comprehension of business processes, the observed data, performance indicators and predictors in the company and economy are cornerstone.

Our Board of Directors

  • Murat Ergen, Director ▼


    Murat Ergen has started his PhD in Business Leadership. He currently holds a Master of Software Systems, majoring in Data Management and Analysis -- focused on data mining, predictive modelling and time series forecasting. He has over 15 years of experience building enterprise analytical initiatives in various industries, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, telecommunications, and financial services. He has successfully completed vision to action blueprints for marketing, sales and fulfilment departments. Murat specializes in creating easy to use and self-service business solutions out of complex technologies.

  • Tom Lemke, Retail ▼

    Tom Lemke is a 20+ year consumer package goods and retailing expert. He held top customer executive positions as the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Customer Officer for thousands of store retailers and large brands. He focused on both business innovations and emerging technologies to drive more traffic to stores and to satisfy customer demands. He implemented loyalty and e-commerce initiatives that has been generated significant incremental revenues. He has focused on customer engagement including customer acquisition, retention, up-selling and cross-selling. His specialties also include auditing and re-launching customer segmentations, market basket analysis, ROI recognition, pricing optimization, and internal database development.


  • John Power, Finance ▼

    John Power is the CFO and co-founder of OTC Mobile Stores. Prior, he was the founder and CEO of Mark My Media, a digital media start-up focused on bridging the gap between financial education and careers. He remains Chairman of this firm. Previously, John had been COO and CFO of Mantara, a venture-backed technology firm focused on high frequency/low-latency trading platforms. John was Chief Administrative Officer at Mellon Investor Services and President of Mellon Securities through their acquisition by Bank of New York and was part of the integration team. Prior to Mellon, John was the Director of Finance for E*Trade Financial. During his tenure, John was involved in many acquisitions made by E*Trade. Previously, John had been Controller/Chief of Staff for Bank Julius Baer’s US Private banking unit. John started his management career in finance at Spear, Leeds & Kellogg. John has a BS in Finance from Manhattan College and an MBA from Dowling College, where he currently serves as an Associate Trustee to the Board. In addition to OTC Mobile, John is a college professor at Mercy College and Molloy College, teaching finance and accounting in the MBA programs at both schools. He is also active in the Boy Scouts, serving as Cub Master for his son’s pack.


  • Eli Porter, Healthcare ▼

    Eli Porter, M.D., M.S. is specializing in creating self served anlytical tools for existing health care data for payers and providers. Dr. Porter has served as vice chairperson and associate professor of the Department of Psychiatry at Howard University College of Medicine and an advisor to the National Institute of Mental Health. She has focused on factors leading to successful implementation of analytics initiatives for healthcare industry. Since 2001, she has been consulting and advising local, regional and national level health care organizations. She has consistently led organizations both business intelligence driven and clinically-driven analyses.


  • Fuat Ram, Telecom ▼

    Fuat Ram is an innovation-driven telecommunication industry leader with 15 years of network engineering, IT development, operational support and OSS/BSS technology. He has been leading globally distributed cross-functional teams to architect, implement, and support business critical IT and network infrastructure. He transformed his proven track record in driving change initiatives and implementing business strategies, restructuring and staffing network organizations, and expertise in key areas of information technology into create self-service business solutions in the trending telecommunication issues. He has extensive Federated Services infrastructure Management, FCC & PUC outage reporting and audit, and Enterprise 2.0, Mobile & ESSP solutions project completions. He is Six Sigma (Green Belt) and holds PMP/PMI, EMBA, SOX, CSM, MCSD, ITIL, OSS, and BSS certificates.


  • Djorn Kaz, Hospitality ▼

    Djorn Kaz,over 25 years, has been developing innovative technologies that empower hospitality business to move in new directions. Today, he provides his clients sophisticated analytical solutions for the hospitality industry through a wide range of services including operations, product, marketing, pricing and sales.


Our Solutions

We believe analytics isn’t something you can buy; it requires planning, coordination and a vision. The following core areas of intelligent business must be integrated to create the smarter enterprise!

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    We design, operate and support intelligent business solutions through our private talent network and affiliates.

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    We possess both domain knowledge and technology skills in one.

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    We integrate all core parts in our design, operate and support mechanism.

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